" Danielé's solved our problem with a small architectural jewel that combines the best of Tokyo and Berlin, while incorporating details that reflect an Italian obsession with beauty. " Mr. Ottaviano (CLIENT) 

"The result is a beautiful kitchen, delivered on time and on budget, and that exceeded my expectations. Without exaggeration, I couldn’t have done it without him. ” Mr. Repicci (CLIENT)

"I have worked with Danielé for the last ten years. He was always respectful, always kept me informed and always worked to ensure that each aspect of the project was perfect, demanding the best not only from his staff but from everyone that he used or hired." Dr. Murthy (Client) 

His skill at troubleshooting the issues and confidence is unmatched. He quickly produced some construction drawings so the woodworker I am hiring can complete the final details with accurate understanding. He is managing every aspect and minute details of the job. Even my small job has so many details down to a 1/6th of an inch! He is an expert passionate designer that works with my aesthetic tastes and also contributes his own flair. My personal style is contemporary minimal and he helped me see adding more wood to the design details will help warm up the otherwise mostly white (and cold) kitchen. I will never start another job without hiring him as the designer overseeing the project.  I highly recommend him without reservation. Feel free to contact me as a reference. Ms. Schleifer (Client) 

"I have known Mr. Perna for over 30 years. When he gets an idea, he researches it thoroughly, first from aesthetic considerations arriving at solutions by combining elements from many sources, leading to an original, creative solution. He is tireless in doing all of this."   Mr. David Hale (MENTOR, CLIENT, COLLEAGUE)

“ If you are ever considering opening a retail shop, be smart and seek out Daniele Perna Designs. ” Mr. Kevin Brynan (CLIENT)

 "Everything he did was done with such style that friends and family coming over to see the finished work could not believe their eyes. ” Mr. Anderson (CLIENT)

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Retailer Excellence Award 2012 (REA Awards) Store Design by Danielé Perna Designs for MXYPLYZYK, Jersey City

New York City Interior Design: Featured in the New York Times HomeSection For The Design of Mxyplyzyk Store.

New York Times:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/20/garden/mxyplyzyks-new-store-in-jersey-city.html