"Contrary to popular belief, architects & interior designers  do work on projects at affordable price points." 

The process of Interior design & architecture filters down to one factor, a connection and relationship to the client. We listen and work to understand our client.  If we communicate openly and clearly; all financial, practical, and aesthetic values will line up to achieve a balanced experience and a rewarding sound end product.

Perna’s approach to design goes beyond aesthetics. He believes that designers should concern themselves with the evolution of humanity - the way people think, live and feel.  Perna has long recognized that design has the capacity to make an individual feel as though they live in a time of great thought and respect for their fellow humans.

 A quality of life, design has the potential to change our emotional state, the way we think, and choose to live.

Danielé Perna grew up in theaters, as the son of a director and choreographer.  His passion for culture, art, history, design and architecture, was pronounced by his decision to pursue design at a very young age, and was nurtured during his study of the field, which encompassed architecture, interior design, art history, sculpture and lighting design.

Mr. Perna is an auto didactic architect.   Notable Projects: Zafran Boutique Hotel, Donnalucata Scicli Italy, RDD House, Columbia County NY, REA Award for the design and execution of Mxyplyzyk (Retail Store, Jersey City)

Danielé lives in West Village, Manhattan with his daughter, Isabella Zosima.